Internet Marketing
Seem Daunting. Impossible. Don’t Know Where To Start?

      In a rapidly developing field filled with lots of misleading information these
reactions to Internet marketing are hardly surprising. But with a solid
understanding of the latest technology, we guide you in the right direction so
that your time and dollars are well spent and you get the results you want.

      The visual impact of your site is only part of the Internet puzzle. Without a
cohesive behind-the-scenes strategy, it’s little use. Strategy that incorporates
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), raises your company’s website presence,
and builds an efficient e-commerce system.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
How does your website rank on Google, Yahoo or MSN? Top of page 1?
Or buried deep on page 27?

      All the technology in the world doesn’t help your Internet marketing if people
aren’t finding your site. And all the visitors in the world don’t mean a thing if
they’re not the right visitors.

      But caution! There’s a lot of misleading information about Search Engine
Optimization. Effective SEO means more than loading your site with keywords.
In fact if not done properly, keywords can work against you. For your search
engine marketing to bring traffic to your website, the behind the scenes coding
also has to be correct.

      At Design Concepts we dig deep to find out what is and isn’t working and
why. Since search engines are constantly tweaking their systems, we keep on
top of the latest developments so that we target your market in the right way,
the way that gets your website ranking higher and brings you a steady stream
of qualified leads.

Creating An Online Presence
A website alone isn’t enough. If you are looking for leads through the
Internet, being effective means reaching beyond your website to create a
consistent and visible online presence.

  • Pay Per Click targets your advertising precisely to your market.
  • Webinars give you an opportunity to interact directly with your customers and at the same time establish your company as experts in the industry.
  • An electronic newsletter (ezine) keeps your customers in touch with you and increases your visibility while providing information with a high perceived value.
  • A blog creates an ongoing conversation with your clients and keeps them up up to date on your very latest products.

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A must-have if you’re selling directly to customers from your site.

      The many nuances and complexities of an e-commerce site need careful
attention so that it really does become a viable source of revenue for your
company. We choose the right tools so that your customers trust you enough
to buy your products.

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      Call us at 818-786-3398 for a quote. Or, if you’re not quite ready to speak to us yet, click this link to download your complimentary report on 10 Tips For Choosing A Web Design Firm. We serve clients in Greater Los Angeles and nationwide, so even if you’re not in our local area, give us a call.


“After noting her work for over 15 years, I hired Janice in 2003 to develop the branding of my start-up company. Soon after, we had Janice and her team at Design Concepts design our website. At the onset, I had questioned the value of a website but it has proven to be a powerful marketing tool. Recently we had Design Concepts do Search Engine Optimization. Once deep in the browser pages we now consistently rank higher with the search engines.”

Bruce Smith
The Countertop Factory

“It was a pleasure working with Janice Gerson and her company, Design Concepts, on the total overhaul of my website. Janice’s understanding of website development and the ease at which she communicates made the process a joy. Not only did she listen to my goals, she designed my website to provide solutions for my customers. And I am already getting new clients whereas my old website never got a mention let alone a new customer. Your company is in the right hands with Design Concepts.”

Mike Weissenborn
President, CEO

“I had no idea what a graphic designer could do until Janice Gerson began designing my flyers. She brings her artistic eye to my words and creates flyers that not only represent my workshops and speaker topics, but also my personality. Janice really cares about my success and the quality of her work reflects that.”

Robin Gurse
Certified Family Coach
Family Life Makeover



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